Difference between Junk & Scrap Car | Towing & Removal

Difference between Junk & Scrap Car | Towing & Removal

This one is going to be quick, but a question we get asked all the time. When trying to get rid of a car, truck, or van – we see the following:


The question is, what the heck is the difference between them? Do they all mean the same thing?

Lets quickly define what all of these phrases are.


Junk Cars

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Junk Cars are cars that have reached the end of their useful life. They are not road worthy and need to be recycled for new metal. They are usually complete and maybe even running but just not road worthy. The buyer needs to buy these vehicles, sell any useful parts, drain the fluids, remove the battery and tires, and crush / shred the car.


Scrap Cars

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Scrap Cars are cars that are just ready to be recycled directly. These cars are usually in worse shape or already disassembled. Often times, they just need some fluids removed and can be directly crushed and shredded, with no parts value. These cars are often parted cars, fire & water damage cars, and cars involved in crimes.


Auto Wrecking

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Auto Wrecking is the process in which cars are wrecked. Wrecked usually means “sold for scrap steel”. A wrecker is usually a business that is involved in metal trading more than parts. Wrecking a car, essentially, means draining fluids, removing tires, removing the battery, and crushing the car for metal.


This is an AWESOME video that explains what really happens to your car and why each step is SO CRITICAL!


Auto Recycling

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Auto Recycling is the process in which the car is recycled for parts FIRST. This means cars are bought for parts value more than metal value. All useful parts are taken from the vehicles, inventoried, and the hulk (remainder of the car) is prepared for scrap metal recycling (oils drained, tires removed, battery removed) and the car is crushed and shredded.


Car Towing

Car towing is the way a vehicle is conveyed from the sellers address to the buyers location, if needed. Often times, when a car is sold for parts, junk, or scrap, the car needs to be towed, if the buyer does not have a service plate or dealer plate and the car does not safely drive. A tow truck can carry the vehicle from one location to the other. There are a series of tow truck types

Flatbed – can carry two cars, usually, at a time.

2012 Freightliner Rollback Flatbed Tow Truck Demonstration Drive ...

Wrecker – Can carry one vehicle but has a lot of recovery equipment for accident recovery (winch, dollies, emergency lights, extended reach and lift…etc. Below is a “heavy wrecker” for full recovery. This unit has two axles at the rear with a “lift axle” for extra heavy disabled vehicles. This unit is built to tow heavy vehicles like a bus or dump truck. The dual winch cables also show that it is setup for full emergency recovery.

Wrecker and Tow Truck Sales at Lynch Truck Center - YouTube

Under bumper Wheel Lift – This type of truck is usually a converted Heavy Duty truck, where a tow unit is welded and bolted into the frame of the truck and hides under the rear bumper of the truck. This truck can easily tow vehicles, but is less useful for large accident recoveries because of the tow units limited reach and lift abilities, although there are exceptions.

No photo description available.

Car Dolly & Sling 

Towing cars with a car-dolly is a more basic way of operating and is pictured below. Car dolly towing works when a car can drive onto the dolly, which is not often the case with Scrap Cars, and most Junk Cars! However, some dollies have winches, to winch a fully disabled car on-board (there’s also pushing!!!). A sling is the oldest style of towing, and safest. It involves hooking two large hooks into the disabled car and lifting it with a rubbed pad and additional safety chains. Some regard “sling towing” as the safest and most reliable towing methode out there. However, sling towing has been know to cause damage to the body and suspension of cars because of the weight of the car being on the sling pads and the hooks pulling/bending suspension components that they’re hood too. Sling towing is, without a doubt, the best for towing scrap cars and junk cars!

ACME Tow Dolly and Car Tow Shield Review - iRV2 Forumsneed some pics of sling towin - Page 2 - Tow411


Car Disposal

How To Strip A Car To Its Skeleton And Ditch It Before Mom Finds Out

Car disposal mostly refers to “Scrap Car”. Cars that have no parts value and simply need to be taken for metal recycling, directly to a car crushing yard or car shredder. However, vehicle disposal can also be used as the act of buying a junk car for parts, and “parting the car out” which is what Auto Recyclers do.


Car Removal

Junk or scrap vehicle removal | Strictly Underground

Car Removal refers to either the physical act of removing a car (which all of the above apply to). However, traditionally car removal is the service where by a parked car is removed from a property and held in storage. Often times, cars owed by people who have moved, been incarcerated, or have passed away, remain parked on a property, illegally. The owners require these cars to be moved since the vehicle no longer belongs in that spot. These places are usually commercial residential (condo / townhome / housing / underground parking lot ) areas. To remove a vehicle, the operator must be licensed, have a licensed impound lot, remove the car and hold the car for 90+ days, and send a registered letter to the owners property before they can proceed to take ownership of the vehicle.

Rules and regulation vary! The above is only a general “common case” overview.

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How do I know when my car is at the end of its useful life?

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