How to get the most CASH for your car in Toronto

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How to get the most CASH for your car in Toronto

How to get the most CASH for your car in Toronto

With hundreds of millions of cars on the road in North America, it goes without saying that there are hundreds of millions of car sales going on, each year! The average car will be sold at least three times before it hits the end of the line and is recycled.

With any sale, a seller will want the most money with the least effort and the buyer will want to spend the least amount of money with the least effort.

What do buyers and sellers share in common: little effort!

We’re not calling anyone lazy! Its just human nature to want to get the most with giving the least, its how human kind has progressed over millions of years. Its “work smart, not hard”, right?

So, lets get too it!

Selling a good used car? A good used car is a car that can be taken by a new owner and driven for years to come. Usually a good used car is newer and less than eight years old, has had regular maintenance, and has relatively low mileage / use. Here is what drives the price and how to maximize that price:


Its always good practice to clean your car out prior to listing it for sale. Start from the trunk and work your way through the interior and get rid of all of the trash, junk, and clutter. It may be a good idea to have your car detailed (inside and outside!) or, at least, take it through a car-wash and vacuum the interior and give the inside a nice wipe down.



-Wipe down

-Wash the outside


If you car has any major appearance issues, like stained or burned seats, or dents/dings/scratches outside – you may want to look at fixing those issues to get the fastest sale without being haggled down in price.


A prospective buyer will like to see service records and a history on the car. If it’s been in an accident, they’ll want to see pictures of the accident and the paperwork on the repairs. Were OEM parts used? What shop repaired the car? Have you kept up on regular maintenance? Are outstanding recalls done? The more you can share and show that the car has been taken care of, the more comfort the buyer will have that they are not getting a lemon.


This is a tricky one. If you want to sell your car fast, you need to go where there is a lot of demand and not much supply. Selling your vehicle from a major city/town usually results in more traffic. But (and it’s a BIG BUT), that may also mean that there are many more cars for sale in that area, which will reduce the cars value.

The point is, it is much easier to sell a vehicle when there are a lot of people looking for a car to buy. The more rural you are, the fewer prospective buyers you’ll have.

Demand is also based on the type of car and the price. People will drive for hours (sometimes even days!) for a good deal. If you live in a rural setting, you’ll want to make the price attractive – we’ll get to that!.

Price Price Price

This is also a tricky one!

If its too cheap, they’ll think something is wrong with it! (too good to be true!)

If its too expensive, they’ll probably look to see if it has a gold plated steering wheel – or not look at all.

The best thing to do is hop online on vehicle marketplaces like Kijiji, Craigslist, or AutoTrader and look up your cars year, make, and model. Now, try and find a that is as close to your car as possible.

Automatic / Standard
Exterior Colour
Interior Features
Engine Size
Trim Package

With this data, try and find two or three or four similar comparable. You’ll see some for (for example) $10,000, some for $12,000, and some for $7,500. Now you know, you probably wont get above $12,000 unless your car has lower mileage, is newer, or has more features than all of them. You also know that you’ll be giving a heck of a deal at $7,500.

You’ll want to start in the middle and expect that you’ll be negotiating with the buyer, at least 10%.


We want the most for the least, right? Work smart, not hard, right???

Buyers will always look to have a car certified. Certified means when you take your car to any licensed mechanic and they inspect the car to see if it passes minimum safety requirements as it is. Regulations differ from province to province, so check the rules in your area as they may differ.

The mechanic will inspect the suspension, steering, brakes, lights, safety equipment, tires, metal and frame…etc. They’ll tell you if the car passes the test, or what work it needs to pass the test. You’ll want to have your car certified to get a good value for it! Not certifying your car tells the buyers that your car may have some hidden issues that they’ll find out about later. Why? Every car needs to have a valid certification to be transferred to a new owner. So if you don’t do it, the buyer can still buy the car – but they’ll have to have it certified at their own expense, which could be $40 or $4,000.

If you want top dollar, certify your car!


Pictures say a thousand words!

This is our final point, and a simple one! Take as many good photos as you can. Inside, outside, tires & wheels, all four corners, seats, dash, trunk.

You’ll want the photos well lit and the car clean!


You’ll then want to do all of the other things like

  • Find the right marketplace for the car
  • List the car in each marketplace you find
  • Answer questions from buyers
  • Make time to show buyers the car (resulting in time off work or away from family)
  • Keep the car clean
  • Have the car re-certified if it takes longer than a month to sell the car
  • Deal with tire kickers or outrageously low offers
  • Run the risk of the new buyer calling you after they buy it complaining
  • Invite strangers to your home to see the car


Lots of work, right?

If you answer YES to any one of these below questions, it may just your best bet to call us. Let us handle everything for you.

  • Is your car more than eight years old?
  • Does your car need more than a few minor repairs
  • Will it cost more to fix than what you can sell it for?
  • Will it cost more to maintain than payments on a new comparable car?


If you answer yes – it may be time to consider your job and family, keep a reliable car and sell us your old one! Its time to get cash for your old, junk, scarp, unwanted car. We proudly service the Toronto, Pickering, Ajax, Oshawa, Markham, Scarborough, North York, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Woodbridge, Newmarket, Bradford, Keswick, Newmarket, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Thornhill and more! We pay up to $15,000 for cars and you don’t need to lift a finger!

If your car is costing more than its worth! Call us today at 1 877 647 5865 or complete our form (we’ll call you!)

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