How to: Disposing of an unwanted old junk car, truck, or van in Mississauga for cash

Junk Car Removal

How to: Disposing of an unwanted old junk car, truck, or van in Mississauga for cash

Mississauga is one the fastest growing cities in Ontario and the western neighbour of Toronto. As of 2016 it had a population of over 700,000 – and growing. Some estimate that Mississauga is home to over 1,000,000 today in 2020!

Did you know that 84,000 acres that makes up Toronto and Mississauga was bought for just $145,000 from the Mississaugas (aboriginal tribe), in 1805!

Mississauga is home to a lot of families that commute to and from work. As a growing commuter town with both aging and younger population, Mississauga, Ontario is home to some 250,000 cars, trucks, and vans.

As these vehicles get older, they start to reach the end of their useful life.

How do I know when my car is at the end of its useful life?

If you answer YES to any one of these questions, it may just be time to Scrap Your Junk Car!

  • Is your car more than eight years old?
  • Does your car need more than a few minor repairs
  • Will it cost more to fix than what you can sell it for?
  • Will it cost more to maintain than payments on a new comparable car?

If you answer yes – it may be time to consider your job and family, keep a reliable car and sell us your old one! Its time to get cash for your old, junk, scarp, unwanted car. We proudly service Mississauga, Ontario!

If your car is costing more than its worth! Call us today at 1 877 647 5865 or complete our form (we’ll call you!)


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