How to: Cleaning your Car from Corona (COVID-19) Virus

Unless you’ve been inside of a cave…on the planet Mars…with your fingers in your ears, you well know about Coronavirus / COVID-19. The largest pandemic in modern decades, infecting millions and affecting the entire world (in case you forgot).

Leading sources indicate that the virus is covered in a layer of fat and that soap and water (hand washing) is the best way to prevent contracting it. Of course, alcohol above 65% works, hand sanitizer (with the same alcohol rating), and other chemical disinfectants.

But, here it the scoop: We’re mostly all stuck at home (or are too afraid to leave home!). So, when we go out, unless we walk or take transit, we’re driving a car to get there.

If we come into contact with COVID-19 / Coronavirus, your vehicle may be the primary breading ground for this disease. Be cautious. 

Here are some tips:

And, as always, try to avoid touching your face – specifically mouth or nose. This is just a small idea, for a more in-depth article, please read more here. 

Follow these tips and your chances of contracting the virus or having your vehicle infected with it are greatly reduced!

Crushing cars is the ultimate way of preventing your car from spreading COVID-19! Call us today at 1 877 647 5865 or complete our form (we’ll call you!)

Be well & stay safe

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