Getting Paid Cash for your Car Truck Van in Markham, Ontario

Getting Paid Cash for your Car Truck Van in Markham, Ontario

This article will be a quick guide on how to get free towing and removal for your old (junk / scrap) car, truck, or van in Markham, Ontario, Canada.

Markham Ontario is a primary city just north of Toronto. It starts at Steele’s avenue and ends at Major Mackenzie Drive (east).


Markham Map

In 2016 it had a population of over 320,000 people and is estimated to have a population of about 390,000 people!

Markham has a lot of neighborhoods and suburbs:

Angus Glen, Ontario

Armadale, Ontario

Berczy Village, Ontario

Box Grove, Ontario

Brown’s Corners, Markham

Buttonville, Ontario

Cachet, Ontario

Cashel, Ontario

Cathedraltown, Ontario

Cedar Grove, Ontario

Cornell, Ontario

Dickson Hill, Ontario

Dollar, Ontario

Downtown Markham, Ontario

German Mills, Ontario

Greensborough, Ontario

Hagerman’s Corners, Ontario

Langstaff, Ontario

Locust Hill, Ontario

Markham Village, Ontario

Milliken, Ontario

Milnesville, Ontario

Mongolia, Ontario

Mount Joy, Ontario

Quantztown, Ontario

Raymerville – Markville East, Ontario

South Unionville

Thornhill, Ontario

Underwood, Ontario

Unionville, Ontario

Victoria Square, Ontario

Vinegar Hill, Ontario

Wismer Commons, Ontario


According to the 2016 census, Markham, Ontario had about ½ of its 300,000 person population travelling outside of Markham to get to work! Most travelled more than 15 minutes!

With so many cars, trucks, vans, and commuters – retiring your car in Markham is a MUST.


Do NOT trade in your car on a new one! The dealer usually can discount the car you’re buying for MORE than they are crediting you for the car. If they offer you $3000 for your car, ask them for $3000 off the sticker price and keep your car!

If you need to get rid of your car, truck, or van, DO NOT sell your vehicle to a cell-phone based operator. They are usually NOT licensed and can curb-side your vehicle.

Do not spend hours of your day calling around! There are a ton of tricks / scams out there:


If you answer YES to any one of these questions, it may just be time to Scrap Your Junk Car!

If you answer yes – it may be time to consider your job and family, keep a reliable car and sell us your old one! Its time to get cash for your old, junk, scarp, unwanted car. We proudly service the City of Pickering, Ontario!

If your car is costing more than its worth! Call us today at 1 877 647 5865 or complete our form (we’ll call you!)

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