What’s the difference between a Junk & Scrap Car, Truck, or Van? Interesting Facts


Junk Cars are all over the world. Metal recycling market in the world is nearly $100 BILLION (with a B!)

Over 27 million cars (2018) are junked / scraped every year.

Lets define this, quickly.

A JUNK CAR and a SCRAP CAR are actually the same thing! Both are END OF LIFE (ELV) and need to be retired.

How Vehicle salvaging works is really much larger and interesting than you would think.

Ultimatley, each car goes through a shredder like the one below.



Auto Recycling Saves

30 million tonnes of materials are recovered each year, at least. Probably even more. Items that are recycled and re-used:

  1. Glass
  2. Copper
  3. Aluminum / Alloy
  4. Stainless Steel
  5. Iron / Steel
  6. Oil (for heating oil)
  7. Rubber (asphalt)

This prevents those items from needing to be taken from the earth as new raw materials!

Auto-Recycling: MEGA BUCKS

Auto recycling is nearly within the top TEN of North America’s buggest revenue business! As noted above, it’s a huge business, which contributes a billion dollars to the economy for every million tons of material it recycles. That’s right, this industry contributes $25 billion to the GDP each year.

More than 80% of your car is reusable

Look at that junk car sitting in your driveway. Its junk because it’s going to cost you more this year to keep running, safely, than what its going to be worth to sell.

How much of it would you say could be recycled? Amazingly; 80% of a car can be recycled. That number keeps going up as innovation takes place in our market. We expect that, in the future, close to 100% of a car will be recyclable and with very little environmental impact!

Auto-Recycling Has Been Happening for Years

Nearly 100 years, actually.

It all started around WW1 as materials were in high demand and short supply.

Just about everything was recycled in a time of need and its stuck around ever since.

Your ‘New’ Car Actually NEW!

Quick fact: Over 25% of your NEW cars is made using recycled materials! That number is going up each year.

If you answer YES to any one of these below questions, it may just be time to Scrap Your Junk Car!

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