What is a minor automotive car, truck, or van repair service?

When we have a car we enjoy the days of driving it, worry free. It’s a new car! It’s never going to need any service, right?


New vehicles these days require much more serious maintenance than ever before!

With all of the technologies that come standard in todays cars, regular maintenance is the least you can do.

At a certain point, however, we question – what is a minor repair?

The above are just examples of minor repairs that should take no more than 1-2 hours to complete and cost very little money.

However, as a vehicle gets older, it may require more serious repairs and maintenance. These jobs take more time and experience – which costs you money!

Pro Tips / Suggestions:

  1. Always take your car to a trusted mechanic
  2. Check local reviews
  3. Ask for referrals / references
  4. Do NOT allow work you do not understand
  5. Ask for a firm price BEFORE the work starts
  6. Shop around with other local mechanics
  7. Ask for parts and labor warranty on the work being done
  8. Ask for hourly rate (if not posted, which it should be!)
  9. Ask to see the work before they let your car off the hoist (show me the new brakes, please!)
  10. Ensure the inside is clean, no grease / oil on the steering wheel, floor, or seat
  11. Always keep house keys with you, NEVER leave your full set of keys with the vehicle keys (just the valet key, if you have one)

How do I know when my car is at the end of its useful life?

If you answer YES to any one of these below questions, it may just your best bet to call us. Let us handle everything for you.

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