Protecting Environment

Scrap My Junk Car & Protecting the Environment

The purpose of recycling vehicles is to extract and re-process its metals to be shredded and re-used. However, there are many other materials and fluids found within a vehicle. These materials typically find their way into landfills, possibly contaminating the land we live on. Our goal is simple – recycle today for a greener tomorrow. By using you will ensure that as much of your vehicle is recycled so that virtually none of its materials are sent to landfills. We use a “complete recycling” system so that almost all materials in your vehicle are recycled. Below is a list of items that are typically harmful to the environment, but by using our services, are recycled and reused for various things.



Refurbished and Resold

Materials Separated and Recycled (Plastics, Lead – Acids Neutralized)

Contain Acids, Lead, and Plastics. If sent to a landfill, they can contaminate up to 20 miles of land around them dangers also present for lead poisoning.

Once refurbished, this batter now serves a new purpose for many years to come without harming the environment.


Cut Out and Reused on Similar Vehicle

Smoldered for “new glass”

Glass, if left in vehicles will end up in land fills, broken glass in cars is also a safety hazard. The glass we remove from our vehicles is melted and reused for a variety of different products.


Filtered and Resold

Automobile Coolant/Antifreeze (Glycol). This fluid contains many different chemicals. These chemicals can contaminate the earth, deteriorate asphalt, as well as harm animals, if ingested.

Most of the Automobile Coolant/Antifreeze in the vehicles we process is removed, filtered, and resold for a variety of different uses.



Engine lubricating oils have been known to cause many environmental issues in the world. If improperly disposed of, lubricating oils can contaminate soil as well as local drinking water.

All oil is removed from our vehicles, these oils are then filtered and reused for the production of synthetic engine oils. Recycled oil is also used in clean burning oil furnaces.



Polypropylene (PP), Polyethylene (PE), Polyurethane (PU) and Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are the most common plastic types used in vehicle production.

These plastics are easily recyclable and commonly used for many products. Once our vehicles are shredded, all plastics are separated and sent to factories to be recycled.

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