How you get Paid

How you get Paid

We pride ourselves on being the only international end of life vehicle processing organization that guarantees that our valued customers will be paid for their vehicle(s). We follow a strict payment matrix that brings us to the exact amount that we are able to pay for your vehicle.

How your vehicles value is assessed:

Insider information

Junk vehicles are typically bought to be recycled. Paying for these vehicle can only be based on every vehicles lowest common detonator – its recyclable steel value.

* Each year in North America, close to 12 million vehicles reach the end of their useful lives and are taken out of service.

* Fact: 75% of your old car can be recycled

* Fact: 42% of all new steel in this country comes from recycled metal

* Fact: Using recycled metal saves up to 74% energy and 40% water consumption. It also reduces air pollution by about 86% and water pollution by 76%

Pricing your vehicle is simple, our specialists take your vehicles approximate weight in pounds (Lbs), convert it to Tonnes (2000Lbs=1 Metric Ton). We then take its weight in Tonnes and multiply it by current retail market metal prices.


1989 Anymake, Anymodel

Weight: ~3200 Lbs = 1.6Tonnes

1.6Tonnes X $80/Ton = $128

We can, therefore, offer you $128 for your natural end-of-life vehicle.

Please be aware that this is only an example, we cannot stress enough that we can pay up to $5000 for your End-Of-Life vehicle.

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