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Frequently Asked Questions


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Why Chose
What does peace of mind cost? Scrap My Junk Car is the leader for end of life vehicle recycling. We operate multiple locations all across North America. Thousands of people chose Scrap My Junk Car because not only do we offer competitive cash for your junk car, but we offer peace of mind. Peace of mind is knowing that you're vehicle has been recycled safely, and in a matter that ensures that the recycling of your vehicle will not have any harmful affect on our fragile environment.
Scrap My Junk Car is Peace of mind and peace of mind is:
• Title/Registration transferred out of your legal name.
•All Fluids Recycled.
•No parts sent to land-fills.
•Vehicle branded as "salvage" so that it can never be licensed again.
•Fast and Friendly Service.
•Convenient towing arrangements.
•Fully Licensed and Insured in every state and province across North America.
..and much, much more!

How much is my car worth, in CASH?

The best way to find out my much cash we WILL pay YOU for your end of life vehicle, please call our Knowledgeable Customer Service Agents at 1 (877) 647-JUNK (5865). However, on average, we typically pay anywhere between $0-500 CASH for your car.

How Do I Begin the Scrap Vehicle Removal Process?

You can begin the scrap vehicle removal process simply by clicking the button.

Do I Pay for this Service?

WWW.ScrapMyJunkCar.COM is a completely free service. Only in very few cases are we not able to find a tow truck able to pickup your vehicle. In those circumstances we will do our best to find the next best solution.

Do I Have to be Present for the Removal of my Junk Car?

We require someone to be present when the vehicle is removed so the tow truck driver is able to receive the keys and title for the vehicle, as well as pay you in cash for its value. 

Do I Receive a Receipt Once the Vehicle has Been Removed?

Our tow truck drivers will always issue you a receipt of removal so that you have peace of mind that the vehicle has been removed properly and legally. Our "receipt of removal" forms are standard forms that release you from any legal liability once it has been signed and the vehicle towed away. The forms include the following information:

  • Drivers Name

  • Drivers Contact Telephone Number

  • Your Name (Customer)

  • Your Telephone Number

  • Your Address (Where the vehicle is located)

  • The VIN from the vehicle (Vehicle Identification Number)

  • The date and time of removal

  • The sum of CASH paid for the vehicle, to you.

  • Drivers Signature

  • Sellers Signature well as any other information you would like to have stipulated on the receipt. This insures that all vehicles are disposed of in a legal and eco-friendly fashion.

What Areas does Scrap My Junk Car Serve? is proud to announce that we service most of North America! We are actively seeking team-oriented tow truck owner/operators in most of the United States and Canada, however, we are confident that we can have any vehicle removed anywhere in North America - Safely, and for CASH!  

Do I Receive any Money for the Vehicle?

Scrap My Junk Car offers free "Towing" and cash for your car, truck, or van - the pay out does vary for each vehicle depending on its location and size in correlation with current market metal prices. Please call one of our knowledgeable Customer Service Agents at (877) 647-5865 for a CASH quote for your end of life vehicle! 

What do I need to give along with my vehicle?

Our Towers Require the keys and title papers / ownership for the vehicle that was submitted.

What if the Vehicle is missing parts?

We urge our customer to take whatever useful belongings they desire from their vehicles prior to its pickup. The only items we require for most tows are the four inflated (or inflatable) tires on the vehicles rims, so the vehicle can be towed. Please be aware that in some circumstances, we are not able to pay any CASH for the vehicle if too many parts have been removed from it.

How long should this process take?

After the forms are submitted to Scrap My Junk Car, it should take no more than 48 hours to have your vehicle removed. In some cases, it may take a little longer, however, you will be informed if this is the case for your vehicle.


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*Removel and removla are common misspellings of removal and are included here to help you locate a valid site about jnuk car and vehical remova; in Canada and the USA. We are an eco-friendly junk, scrap car removal|towing|disposal facility - paying cash to take your scrap, junk, or unwanted vehicles (cars, truck, van, or suv) to the junkyard/scrap yard coast-to-coast!

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