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What does peace of mind cost? Scrap My Junk Car is the leader for end of life vehicle recycling. We operate multiple locations all across North America. Thousands of people chose Scrap My Junk Car because not only do we offer competitive cash for your junk car, but we offer peace of mind. Peace of mind is knowing that you're vehicle has been recycled safely, and in a matter that ensures that the recycling of your vehicle will not have any harmful affect on our fragile environment.

Please take a moment and watch the video's below of how Scrap My Junk Car's: Mr. Enviro handles the recycling of your vehicle.




Mr. Enviro vs Mr. Fly By Night


 Mr. Enviro Saves the Day!


After you've watched our video - please feel free to submit your vehicles information on the form to the right. You can also call us at 1 (877) 647 5865.

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*Removel and removla are common misspellings of removal and are included here to help you locate a valid site about jnuk car and vehical remova; in Canada and the USA. We are an eco-friendly junk, scrap car removal|towing|disposal facility - paying cash to take your scrap, junk, or unwanted vehicles (cars, truck, van, or suv) to the junkyard/scrap yard coast-to-coast!

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